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We are a drone (unmanned aerial systems) business set up within the Greater Philadelphia area, backed and funded by the Live The Dream Films (LTDF). Our team is fully trained and licensed by the FAA, carrying all required permissions and insurance to provide safe and secure aerial work. The use of a 4k cameras, along with site specific instrument sensors, allows us to capture stunning videos, stills, and other remote data elements. Through our partnership with LTDF, we can provide a full range of video graphic and photographic services. In addition, with our advanced analytics and data sciences, we are able to provide indepth insights and 3D models from your remote data. Sky Is The Limit provides both beauty and brains. So, whether your needs are in real estate or construction and everything else, please check out our website for more details.

Services We Offer

Our Services

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Photos and videos sell real estate faster and for more money.  They do it by bringing in more qualified buyers through creative simulation.  It’s that simple. Whether you are showcasing a small residence or a mansion, small business to high-rise. No project would be complete without an aerial tour from the ground up and the inside out. We can provide proximity shots of the area that present a unique elevated video tour of your property location to select indoor transitional video with perfectly positioned photographs to capture emotion. Yes, we do fly indoors too!
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3D Mapping, Modeling, and Volumetrics

We offer a variety of different mapping options: 3D, 2D, Topographic, Terrain/Surface modeling, as well as traditional Orthomosaic Photographic Maps. Whatever your mapping needs we have you covered.
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Utility and Industrial Inspections

Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems for industrial inspection applications is the safest and most efficient way to inspect hard to reach areas that are a fall hazard for a worker. Safety is our primary goal in all of our operations.
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Farming and Agriculture

Aerial surveys and analyses of farmland is an excellent way to guage the quality of your crop and chemical deficiencies. We cover every square inch of your farm land and provide an extensive range of analytical analyses for all your agro-assessment needs.
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Aerial Photography and Videography

Our aerial photography packages are custom tailored to your individual needs. Whether it’s imagery for change detection on your construction site, BIM data collection for your upcoming project or just a basic photo from a higher view. We also offer orthomosaic aerial photos for top down view of larger project areas. We have an option that will fit your needs.

Search and Rescue: SAR

When disaster hits and large tracts of land must be covered, UAS Sky Is The Limit has the ability to coordinate efforts with Law Enforcement for search, rescue, and recovery efforts. With exceptional photography, we can help cover more ground, saving law enforcement time, manpower and money.

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UAS Sky Is The Limit continues to evolve every day, looking for productive ways that imagery and analytical analyses can help people solve problems. So, please reach out to us if you have an idea or just want talk. As we say, “the only easy day was yesterday!”

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Every home has its unique characteristics and charm. Some capture themselves, while others require a bit of finesse. This is one of the finesse examples. This beautiful home is located amongst a dense forrest, so aerial work was constrained to narrow points of view.

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This is how Paul Cezanne would have painted the community of Pin Oaks (West Chester, PA), if he had an aerial drone. We used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro to capture 20 Raw images at 150 ft (AGL), comprised of two 360 degree passes of 10 photos each. Autopano Pro 4 was used to stitch… Read More

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A map does not just chart, it unlocks and formulates meaning; it forms bridges between here and there, between disparate ideas that we did not know were previously connected.  – Reif Larsen, The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet Orthomosaic maps are highly detailed and up-to-date map that are in true scale. They are created through the grouping of… Read More

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Some of the most amazing images are panorama view of natural landscapes. Composed of multiple sequential shots, these stitched together views of Mother Nature can be breath taking.

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There are at least five standard aerial view that should be captured when building a video virtual tour residential real estate properties…

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Here are four property imagery-based analytical studies on one chart.

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I love providing aerial video tours for my clients. Photos alone are boring, but UAS Sky Is The Limit has brought my listing to life.

UAS Sky Is The Limit created a great aerial tour for one of the homes I am marketing. It has really made a difference.